Mega Development To Be Built Along Serangoon River At Hougang Estate Riverfront Residences

Mega Development To Be Built Along Serangoon River At Hougang Estate Riverfront Residences

A rare riverfront living located right in Outer Core Region of Singapore.

An apartment along the beautiful Serangoon River had launched! Oxley Holdings in 2018 had launched the mega residential development known as Riverfront Residences located in Hougang estate, the 99-year leasehold condominium is among the HDB flats that received many interest fro the nearby neighbourhood.

There were a total of 1,472 apartment units in Riverfront Residences, including 9 of 17 floors of the building, a one-bedroom to five bedroom apartment, 21 a tiered houses and six big tiered store. four bedrooms and five of the senior apartment bedroom has a private elevator access.

Hougang Avenue 7 is one of the most iconic mega development project after more than 10 years in history. Riverfront Residences is built with modern architecture concept and full-height glass walls. Hougang Avenue 7 will be a transformed area in the near future with full of new vitality and energy.

The project in the centre (unfinished), housing (unfinished) got one of the top categories of the development, design and innovation excellence.

Riverfront Residences is located in Rio Casa before the new project took place, which is a unit of the privatization of 286 set Hud.c. estate. Oxley Holdings and its three joint venture partners – KSH Holdings, SLB development (Lian Beng group’s listed real estate development company) and Apricot Capital to buy the land and in May 2017, Rio Casa purchase price to $783,000,000, equivalent to a product everyone earth floor area ratio ratio for every square foot of $706, which includes insurance and spreads lease additional premiums.

A consortium led by Oxley holdings rise in land prices before they bought the site, so it can stretch of the river’s apartment units in competitive pricing. According to the authority’s figures show that at the end of September, there have been 1,200 apartment up for sale. Among them, have already sold 1,134 set. The project in September, the average price per square foot to $1,341 per square foot, according to Oxley Holdings said, the majority of buyers are in the area near the HDB upgrade users. The company added that a number of apartments starting at $ per square foot for more than 1,100.

Landscape with the smart home

The stunning riverside landscape to attract the consortium to build river apartment. The project is featured in the northeastern part of the Singapore Serangoon River (Sungei Serangoon) beauty. Property developer, Oxley had planned for most units to be facing the Serangoon Rivers in order to maximize views. Residential buildings and a Landed House is tilted, and therefore most units are facing in the direction of the north and south, this will have more sunlight coming in to the development and improve energy efficiency.  Oxley Holdings said.

With more than 100 apartments River apartment facilities to meet the needs of the population. The award-winning Add.p. architecture firm design, the project is one of three iconic clubs, three swimming pools, faux yacht deck balcony, shared work space, and a fully equipped gourmet kitchen. Oxley Holdings added, we look are potential buyer interest, it is envisaged that their way of life, and in the development process to make appropriate preparations.

The residential condominium of 396,235 square foot apartment occupies the apartment holding the facility into three main areas – – resort, lifestyle zones and green plant areas – in the development of the project to build a camp exclusive atmosphere. resort area and way of life for residents of a party or enjoy family time and build. In contrast, Green Zone was conceived as the idyllic green leafy green surrounded by beauty and quiet shared work and learning space, to optimize productivity.

Howe on innovation and holding in each unit provides a smart home system, which allows residents can sync devices and sensors to remote adjust your thermostat. Gates also installed a smart digital locks, so residents won’t have to carry with them the keys. Similarly, when the project is also installed in the keys to the mailbox. At the same time, residents can use the intelligence community projects through subscriptions and submission and payment facilities maintenance reports.

River from apartment can go to a shopping centre – After Hougang Mall, of Hougang 1, Heartland Mall, Compass Point (Compass One) and NEX shopping centre. Distance from CBD apartment River only 22 minutes. Schools within the scope of the project, including the Virgin Christmas infant school (Our Lady of the Native CHIJ.

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